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Cheat Sheet For Programming
A cheat sheet for computer science students. The code style is user-friendly.
Zhijian Jiang
Creating a Basic LED Driver for Raspberry Pi
Creating a driver to control a GPIO
Victor Ramirez, Rafael Lopez, Ramiro Rubio
Optimizing The Linux Scheduler For Performance.
The CPU scheduling is the basis of multi-programming operating systems. By switching the CPU among processes, the operating system can make the computer more productive. The scheduler controls the way processes are managed in the operating system. Linux supports preemptive multitasking, this means that the process scheduler decides which process runs and when. Balance performance across different computer configurations is one challenge in modern operating systems.Linux has two separate process-scheduling algorithms. If a Linux system performs similar tasks in a regular manner, it could be useful to implement optimizations to the Linux scheduler to optimize the performance of those tasks. In this project, we analyze and evaluate the impact of changing the kernel values on the performance of the calculation of 8,765,4321 digits of pi using the Leibniz formula measuring the time that the system takes to perform the calculation.
Constanza Madrigal Reyes and Ismael Lizárraga González
Automobile Suspension Design
Vibration control is crucially important in ensuring a smooth ride for vehicle passengers. This study sought to design a suspension system for a car such that its mode of vibration would be predominantly bouncing at lower speeds, and primarily pitching at higher speeds. Our study used analytical and numerical methods to choose appropriate springs and dampers for the front and rear suspension. After an initial miscalculation, we succeeded in arriving at appropriate shocks for the vehicle with the desired modes of vibration at the specified frequencies. We then assessed the maximum bouncing and pitching that the vehicle would experience under a specific set of conditions: travel at 40 km/hr over broken, rough terrain. Our testing showed moderate success in our suspension design. We successfully damped the force being transmitted to both the front and rear quarter car somewhat, while ensuring that the modes of vibration fell into the desired shapes at the desired frequency ranges.
Little Ian
Score Board
To design this scoreboard, with operates manual buttons that aid in these small scale tournaments of the cricket match. In order for the scoreboard to effective, it needs to be affordable, portable and versatile in terms of sport it can accommodate and how it can be controlled.
Awais Ahmed
Trabalho 5: Métodos Computacionais da Física B
Estudo de um sistema dinâmico.
Esteban Gerling
Data acquisition from mobile sensors
Coursework project on data analysis. Using machine learning and android sensors data to predict whether gadget is located indoors or outdoors.
Air quality predictor
Machine learning project report. The project aimed at predicting air quality based on weather and its code is available at
Anniina Sallinen

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