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Weekly Homework 3
Week 3 homework for Dr Martin's class
Mike Mayer
Curriculum Vitae
"ModernCV" CV and Cover Letter LaTeX Template Version 1.11 (19/6/14) This template has been downloaded from: Original author: Xavier Danaux ( License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 (
alan nungaray
LaTeX Publicity Brochure
LaTeX brochure: A publicity flyer for LaTeX (originally by Peter Flynn) The document is designed as a publicity flyer for LaTeX, but also serves as an interesting showcase of what LaTeX can do. The flyer is designed for printing, double-sided, on A3 paper, which would then be folded once. This version on Overleaf uses the venturis font package in place of the commercial Warnock Pro and Aller fonts. Some minor modifications were done on the original so that the brochure fits on 4 pages.
LianTze Lim (originally by Peter Flynn)
Research Project
Research Project Report on Search Strategy: Automatic Document Tagging
Diogo Nunes
One-Page Technical Resume
Kevin Denny's CV
K Denny
Project UB
Etude et estimation de la consommation totale d’électricité par calage avec ou sans réduction du nombre de variables auxiliaires. Template: The Legrand Orange Book LaTeX Template Version 1.4 (12/4/14) This template has been downloaded from: Original author: Mathias Legrand ( License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 (
Amin Elg
The research system in Germany
The research system in Germany
hazem alsaied
!TEX encoding = UTF-8 Unicode LaTeX Template: Curriculum Vitae Source: Feel free to distribute this template, but please keep the referal to Date: July 2011
Simon Renny-Byfield
FTC #9774 Nano Ninjas Engineering Notebook
#9774 Nano Ninjas is a rookie FTC Team consisting of fifteen girls in seventh and eighth grade and is a neighborhood team located in Portland, OR. This is our Engineering Notebook capturing every moment of of FTC journey. Read more about our amazing project in our story on the Overleaf blog. This is a big, detailed report at 300+ pages, so give it a few seconds to load! :-)
Nano Ninjas, Portland, OR