American Geophysical Union (AGU) AGUTeX Article (for JGR) - May 2014 version

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Please note there is a newer version (August 2016) of an AGUTeX template here.

The American Geophysical Union organises and disseminates scientific information in the fields of geophysics, which include atmospheric and ocean sciences; solid-Earth sciences; hydrologic sciences; and space sciences.

This template is for use with the following journals from the AGU family: Journal Of Geophysical Research; Global Biochemical Cycles; Geophysical Research Letters; Paleoceanography; Radio Science; Reviews Of Geophysics; Tectonics; Water Resources Research; Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems; Space Weather; James; Earth's Future; Earth And Space Science.

The agutex LaTeX class provides formatting for Journal of Geophysical Research, Global Biochemical Cycles, Paleoceanography, Radio Science, Reviews of Geophysics, Tectonics, Water Resources Research, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, Space Weather, Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems (JAMES), and Earth's Future.

This template is based on the one from the official author guidelines, May 2014 version.

American Geophysical Union (AGU) AGUTeX Article (for JGR) - May 2014 version