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LaTeX Exercise 1
MC Workshop 1
Exterior algebra on Banach Space Commutative Diagram
Commutative diagram showing exterior algebra on Banach Space. Based on this commutative diagram example by Stefan Kottwitz.
Mike Battaglia
Using Jurabib for Oxford style footcite with the normal cite command
For creating a humanities style for references, this short example shows how to cite by the Oxford method with footnotes, and with titles in italics.
Andreas Sjostedt
How to use French accents in LaTeX
A short example showing how to use French accents in LaTeX documents.
John Hammersley
How to use Spanish accents in LaTeX
A short example showing how to set up the correct packages in your preamble in order to use Spanish accents in your LaTeX documents.
John Hammersley
Syntax Highlighting in LaTeX with the listings Package
This example shows how to set the options for automatic syntax highlighting for code in LaTeX with the listings package (which provides the lstlisting environment). The listings package supports many languages, including Java, C, C++, MATLAB/Octave and Python, and you can set the language option globally with \lstset or for each listing, when you have listings in multiple languages.
Base 16
Correspondence between base 10 (decimal) and base 16 (hexadecimal) numbers. For Sonia/Nik
Vladislav Stepanov
Understanding floats
A document that tries to explain my understanding of floats within LaTeX documents. Here's a brief blog post linking to the read only version of this: http://goo.gl/G8j9KT.
Cyrillic Fonts: Excerpt from Poems for Akhmatova
A Russian poem demonstrating how to use Cyrillic fonts with UTF-8 encoding and the babel package.