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New University of Lisbon (Universidade Nova de Lisboa/UNL) Thesis Template
New University of Lisbon (Universidade Nova de Lisboa/UNL) Thesis Template
Template for writing dissertations with ThesisDIFCTUNL Version 20150225 (Fev 2015) Departamento de Informática Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia Universidade Nova de Lisboa Project web page at: BUGS and SUGGESTIONS: please submit an issue at the project web page Authors / Contributors: João Lourenço ( Main options (please read the manual for further details) — Options marked with (*) are the values by default. See also file "defaults.tex" Values for option 'doctype' bsc - BSc graduation report prepmsc - Preparation of MSc dissertation (*)msc - MSc dissertation propphd - Proposal of PhD thesis prepphd - Preparation of PhD thesis phd - PhD thesis Values for option 'lang' pt - português (*)en - english Values for option 'enc' latin1 - Windows **** I STRONGLY recoomend you to use UTF8 *** (*)utf8 - other systems (Linux, Mac) biblatex={opt1=va1,opt2=val2,...} - options for biblatex style=numeric [1] style=alphabetic [Lou+04] style=authoryear Lourenco et al. 2004 style=bwl-FU Lourenço et al. (2004) sorting=none sorting=nyt COMPATIBILITY WITH LEGACY BIB STYLES style=numeric --> plain style=numeric,firstinits=true --> abbrv style=numeric,sorting=none --> unsrt style=alphabetic --> alpha style=bwl-FU,firstinits=true --> apa (not really, but almost…) memoir={opt1=va1,opt2=val2,...} - options for book class (*)11pt - Use font size 11 12pt - Use font size 12 Bibliography -- **** TEMPORARILY DISABLED **** bibbychapter - Print the bibliography/references per chapter DON'T MIX TEXT ENCODINGS. All the files are saved using UTF8. If you want to use latin1, you should first re-save all these files (*.tex, *.cls, ...) using latin1 encoding first NOTE: for final printing don't forget to set "linkscolor=black, spine=true" and replace "draft" for "final" in "memoir={a4paper,11pt, draft}".
João Lourenço (

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