Template for Submission to AIP Publishing Journals

Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

These instructions provide guidelines for preparing papers for AIP Publishing journals.

To begin writing online (in your browser), simply click the Open as Template button, above. Additional guidelines for preparing your submission are included within the template itself.

This template is designed for submissions to current AIP Publishing journals:

  • AIP Advances
  • APL Bioengineering
  • APL Materials
  • APL Photonics
  • Applied Physics Letters
  • Applied Physics Reviews
  • BioInterphases
  • Biomicrofluidics
  • Chaos
  • Journal of Applied Physics
  • Journal of Chemical Physics
  • Journal of Laser Applications
  • Journal of Mathematical Physics
  • Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data
  • Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  • Journal of Rheology
  • JVST: A
  • JVST: B
  • Physics of Fluids
  • Physics of Plasmas
  • Review of Scientific Instruments
  • Structural Dynamics

AIP Publishing has arranged for The Charlesworth Group to provide support from submission through to publication, with expert English language editing, translation, figure creation and figure formatting. Visit https://authorservices.aip.org/ for more information.

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Template for Submission to AIP Publishing Journals