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The IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, by Oxford University Press, publishes mathematics for management.

The mission of this quarterly journal is to publish mathematical or, more broadly, quantitative research of the highest quality, impact and relevance that can be directly utilised or have demonstrable potential to be employed by managers in profit, not-for-profit, third party and governmental/public organisations to improve their practices.

The journal also publishes novel meta-analyses of the literature, reviews of the "state-of-the art" in a manner that provides new insight, and genuine applications of mathematics to real-world problems in the form of case studies.

The journal welcomes papers dealing with topics in Operational Research and Management Science, Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Transportation Science, Marketing Science, Analytics, and Financial and Risk Modelling.

For more information about the journal, see http://imaman.oxfordjournals.org/.

Template for IMA Journal of Management Mathematics (IMAMAN)