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Italian Template for Springer Monographs/Textbooks
Esempio di file principale per i capitoli della vostra "monografia". Usare questo file come template per il vostro documento. Template for Italian monographs/textbooks provided by Springer Milan, to help structure the manuscript, e.g., define the heading hierarchy. Predefined style formats are available for all the necessary structures that are supposed to be part of the manuscript. Note: These templates are not intended for the preparation of the final page layout! The final layout will be created by Springer according to their layout specifications.
Springer Milan (uploaded by LianTze Lim)
Tesi di laurea - Università di Pisa
Standard Template for University of Pisa Thesis.
Template for a modular thesis
A modular template that contains and explains how to use the following items: frontmatter subdivision (frontispecie.tex, credits.tex, abstract.tex, tocs.tex, glossary.tex, simbols.tex); mainmatter subdivision (introduction, chapters and after appendices followed by an increasing number or letter: a folder for every chapter and appendix (inside there is chapter"number".tex or appendix"letter".tex and 2 folders for figures and tables if necessary); backmatter subdivision (bibliography.tex and index.tex). More info on: http://rainnic.altervista.org/tag/thesis
Nicola Rainiero
Thesis at Unisannio - Engineering
An unofficial template for editing a bachelor and master thesis at University of Sannio - Dept. of Engineering, Benevento
Maria Carmela Vitelli
Modello Tesina XXV Aprile Portogruaro
Modello per la stesura della tesina di Maturità Liceo XXV Aprile di Portogruaro
Matteo Mosangini
template università di roma computer science
template tesi di dottorato università di roma computer science
Template relazione: Lab. Ottica prof. Antonio Perreca
Template per le relazioni di ottica del prof. Antonio Perreca. Università di Trento, a.a. 2017-2018
Isacco Gobbi
Unime Template Tirocinio
Template for UniME reports. This template was inspired by Quantum Hall effect report template The authors want to thank the University of Copenhagen
TOPtesi template
This template contains the toptesi class files, v 6.2.04 with the sample tesi-example.tex file.
Clau­dio Bec­cari

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