Sarah Lang
Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

This is a CV template written to offer a resume which is

  1. visual and modern
  2. but also simple in code so it can be easily modified by a skilled user
  3. all the actual CV info ("content") is stored in main.tex, so you don't have to go looking for it in some sub-directory

I called it the "Hipster CV" for obvious reasons: It's like many hipster-ish CV templates out there and use for strictly academic / very 'classic' applications might not be advisable.

It uses the paracol environment for the left column, so this column is an actual column which will continue if you put in content for more than one page. That way, it can be used for multi-page CVs as well (unlike the popular Alice in Wonderland example). This template was largely inspired by this "Twenty Seconds" / Alice in Wonderland CV template. But I tried to improve it in terms of code clarity / simplicity and the fact that the sidebar can continue for multiple pages without repeating itself, etc.

This template is available with the following colour options: verylight, pastel, lighthipster, darkhipster, allblack, grey.

In terms of being very visual, it owes inspiration to Jan Küster's Infographic-CV.

This is a blog post about it. And the github repo where it will be updated, etc.