A Customised CurVe CV

LianTze Lim
Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

I've been asked a few times for the code of my own CV.

Truth is, it was first done many, many years ago, based on the CurVe class. As I picked up tips and tricks, I kept adding and modifying the formatting styles—but I never got round to cleaning it up properly. I wouldn't wish it on anyone to have to read or use the messy code as it was *shudder*.

I got asked about it again recently, and I'm finally able to simplify the thing and put in online on Overleaf (so that other users won't get back to me with "but I don't have this package" issues either! 😉)

p/s: And yes, I got my current position with Overleaf with this CV (the full version of course)!

A Customised CurVe CV