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Who we are

We're building 'Google Docs for Science', making science and R&D faster, more open and more transparent by bringing the whole scientific process into the cloud, from idea to writing to review to publication. Overleaf has 750,000 users who've created more than 10 million documents, and is being used in hundreds of universities worldwide for teaching and research.

We're a London-based startup, supported by Digital Science and Bethnal Green Ventures, and founded by two mathematicians who were inspired by their own experiences in academia to create a better solution for scientific collaboration and communication.

Our current openings are listed below, and we're always keen to hear from exceptional people who are passionate about what they do — just drop us a line at .

Job Openings

Developer for Server Pro

'Server Pro' is our on-premise solution for enterprise. We are looking for a full stack developer to help us scale up and improve our product, processes and documentation for on-premise customers, who currently include Oak Ridge National Labs, Deep Mind, and many others (more information here). You'll work with technical end users to get Server Pro set up and running smoothly, and on maintaining and extending our:

  • Docker-based Server Pro installation process
  • Automated build and distribution system
  • Setup and maintenance documentation

Some reasons you'd enjoy working with us:

  • Around 80% of our codebase is open-source and we’re big fans of Free Software.
  • Working hours can be flexible to your needs. Applicants in or near GMT preferred.
  • We’re agile (with a lowercase a). We test thoroughly (unit and acceptance), we have a CI build process, a full staging environment to play with, and we automate as much as possible.
  • Remote is a first class citizen, all founders and employees work remotely. We get everyone together in London every few months for valuable face to face time.

Send us an email with a CV and cover letter:

Growth Hacker

We are looking for a data-driven and technically savvy marketer to:

  • Develop and test new content, propositions, landing pages and experiences
  • Drive conversions and improve our funnel analysis
  • Drive engagement and make sure churn stays low
  • Monitor and improve our search engine rankings (no black hats)
  • Integrate content from Overleaf v1 and ShareLaTeX for the combined 'v2' website
  • Work with our CEO and CMO to shape our online marketing strategy for both B2B and B2C
  • Work with our development team to make sure that we are collecting the data we need

Some reasons you'd enjoy working with us:

  • Around 80% of our codebase is open-source and we’re big fans of Free Software.
  • Working hours can be flexible to your needs. Applicants in or near GMT preferred.
  • Remote is a first class citizen, all founders and employees work remotely. We get everyone together in London every few months for valuable face to face time.

Send us an email with a CV and cover letter:

Enterprise Sales Manager

Market: Scientific and Research Enterprise Sales. Verticals include Pharma, Labs, Research Institutes, Finance.

Two positions available:

1) Based in the UK – Part-Remote Position – split working from London office and home.

2) Based in the USA – Remote Position – working from home.

Who we are

Overleaf's award-winning collaboration technology is now in use by over two million researchers and technical writers in institutions, labs and industry worldwide.

Overleaf is a collaborative writing platform that makes research faster and more efficient by letting researchers collaborate more easily and more effectively on their papers, from idea to writing to review to publication. We're growing rapidly, supported by our lead investor and partner, Digital Science, and are looking for brilliant individuals to join our team as we continue to push the boundaries of research collaboration.

What we're looking for

As our lead Enterprise Sales Manager at Overleaf, you will be helping customers vastly improve the way they collaborate, communicate, manage and report upon the valuable research and data at their organization, all within a secure environment that keeps their data exactly where they want it.

The scientific and research enterprise space is a new market push for Overleaf and with that there is a huge potential for growth.

What we need you to do

  • Identify and qualify opportunities for Overleaf's hosted and on-premise software solutions to solve collaboration and reporting problems for customers;

  • Develop a suitable pipeline (3x–5x) of qualified opportunities to meet and exceed your targets;

  • Meet or exceed your quarterly and annual sales quota on a consistent basis;

  • Be confident in defining and communicating the differentiated value of Overleaf to the customer, both at the technical and business level;

  • Work with the marketing team to build case studies and reference cases to showcase Overleaf's ability to deliver business value to the customer;

  • Understand both the formal and informal buying processes in the customer's environment, to manage leads through to closing;

  • Use Salesforce to maintain a current, accurate, pipeline of your opportunities;

  • Be proactive in communicating with the extended Overleaf team around all aspects of client and opportunity status & development – and ask for help when you need it.

Daily tasks will include developing and successfully implementing your sales strategy, following up on leads and opportunities, providing sales presentations and demos to help close opportunities, developing client proposals and contracts, and working with marketing as needed to generate the necessary sales collateral. This is a remote position (or partially remote position) - the person hired for this position should be self-motivated and display a high level of independent judgment and decision-making. Travel to conferences, customer sites and company meetings will be required.

What you bring to Overleaf

  • Direct knowledge of, and connections in the Scientific and Research Enterprise space – this can include verticals such as Pharma, Labs, Research Institutes, Finance.

  • An understanding of the technology used and required in the Scientific and Research Enterprise space.

  • A high level of software sales experience as an inside or outside representative with a demonstrated history to consistently meet or exceed performance targets

  • A demonstrated ability to build and manage complex customer relationships

  • A demonstrated ability to manage complex sales cycles including the ability to provide coordination with the extended Overleaf team

  • A demonstrated ability and background in communicating/positioning software technology

  • Excellent organizational/project management skills.

  • Sense of urgency necessary to meet goals, objectives and deadlines

  • Enthusiasm, and a desire to grow with the company and try out new things!

This is a remote position (or partially remote position) – the ability and desire to work from your home office and be self-motivated is required.

As Overleaf is a fast-growing company, there will also be opportunities for the person hired for this position to grow and develop, and to take on additional responsibility.

Reports to: Mary Anne Baynes, CMO

Annual salary: Salary + Commission, based on experience

How to apply: Please send a CV with covering letter to and we'll take it from there – we look forward to hearing from you!

More about Overleaf

The most challenging problems across research are no longer being worked on at the level of individuals, departments or even nations. The future of research is clearly through international collaboration. CERN and other “big science” projects have been the vanguards, exploring and developing infrastructural technologies that allow researchers across the world to collaborate. Data transfer and computational capacity across the internet and using grid and cloud services owes much to this community. However, these projects have not addressed the challenges of collaborative writing: not only a technically difficult but a sociologically difficult problem.

Overleaf was founded by two mathematicians in 2012. We had been working on a project involving many partners to build autonomous cars, and work between team members had been challenging. So we built a light-weight, LaTeX-based collaboration system and used it for writing our research papers. It was simple to use - all you needed was a web browser.

In the five years since launch, Overleaf has seen rapid adoption across science and research, and now supports a community of over two million authors worldwide who've created over 17 million documents to date. These include major institutions such as Stanford and Caltech, with Overleaf becoming an integral part not only of research collaborations but also of undergraduate teaching. The platform is also in use by major publishers: for example, supporting collaboration on IEEE's member platform, and making the journal submission process smoother for LaTeX users across Springer, Wiley and many other publishers. A number of large international tech companies and labs are using our enterprise solutions.

Most recently, Overleaf acquired its nearest competitor ShareLaTeX and is working with the ShareLaTeX team to build an even stronger next-generation platform to take collaborative writing to the next level.

Full Stack Engineer

You'll be working closely with our team to build new and awesome ways for scientists to collaborate and communicate. We're looking for full stack engineers — your projects will span our database (PostgreSQL), web app (Ruby & Rails, Node.js), front end (Backbone, React, JavaScript) and infrastructure (Docker, Heroku, Linux on Amazon EC2 and GCP) layers. We also have projects for mobile, if you're into Android or iOS.

You're an independent thinker and fast learner. You're resourceful and knowledgeable, but you ask questions when you get stuck. You take pride in your work, and you ship it early and often, because you love to see it out there in the real world. You learn new programming languages and techniques for fun, and you contribute to open source.

If this sounds like you, send your CV, salary expectations, and a link to your profile on github/bitbucket to We'll get in touch to arrange an interview, in person if possible, otherwise via Skype/Google Hangout.

This is an immediate vacancy for a permanent position with a two month probationary period. Working arrangements are flexible.
You can choose to join our office in London or work remotely.

We look forward to meeting you!


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Most of our team works remotely, and flexible working is encouraged. As long as you get things done you can flex your time to suit you best.

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MacBook Pro? Lenovo ThinkPad? Notebook and pen? However you like to work, we'll provide you with the equipment you need.

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We're based in the Digital Science offices, so there's lots of interesting people to meet, and clubs and sports activities outside of work.

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Our London office is centrally located in Shoreditch with excellent transport links.

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We get the whole team together at our London office (and sometimes elsewhere) several times a year.