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Watch this 60 minute webinar (30 minute presentation and 30 minute AMA-style Q&A session) where John Hammersley, CEO and co-founder of Overleaf, will be talking through how Overleaf is being used successfully at institutions worldwide and taking questions from the audience. He’ll start with a 30 minute presentation - a short look back into the origins of Overleaf, how its collaborative nature has shaped its development over the past eight years, and specific use cases at universities, research institutions, and in the publishing community. He’ll then finish with answering questions about Overleaf, or more specifically our Institutional offerings.

During the webinar, John will cover:

  • Collaboration: and how it shaped the development of Overleaf
  • Platform Overview: A quick look at the platform, and how to get started (please note this is not an Intro to Overleaf - please see
  • Author Workflows: How Overleaf has worked with the publishing community to help streamline author submissions to journals, repositories and preprint servers
  • Overleaf at Stanford: How Overleaf’s growing user base led to natural adoption at universities, featuring a case study from Stanford University.
  • Purdue Graduate School: The perspective from the grad school; Overleaf at Purdue University, where a focus on thesis submissions has helped the grad school save time on 1,000 meetings a year!
  • Institutional Offerings: A quick run-through of the different options for universities when rolling out Overleaf, including the benefits each can bring to the institution. Admin features for Overleaf Commons, our most popular solution used at 90+ institutions worldwide
  • Overleaf at CERN: Supporting thousands of research collaborations.

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