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The German University in Cairo was a winner of the 2016 Campus Challenge, and all members of the university who signed up to Overleaf in 2016 received free Overleaf Pro accounts. The period for free Overleaf Pro accounts has now ended, but the good news is that there's a new Campus Challenge in progress! Visit the 2017 Overleaf Campus Challenge page to find out more!

Overleaf is designed to make the process of writing, editing and producing your research papers and project reports much quicker for both you and your collaborators. Overleaf can also be linked to other services such as Mendeley, Git and to best fit into your workflow.

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Quick Start

Welcome to your quick start guide to Overleaf. We've put together some useful resources in the sections below, and if you have any questions about how to get started please let us know and we'll be happy to help!

Try out the Overleaf editor with built in tutorial

If you'd like to dive straight into the editor, simply click the button to create a new paper using our quick-start template. A short tutorial will walk you through the main features to quickly get you started.


Browse the Overleaf template gallery

You can find more GUC-related templates, or check out our full template gallery for more ideas and inspiration.


Take our free course to quickly master the LaTeX essentials

If you're new to LaTeX, we've put together a free online course to help you learn the basics. If you have never used LaTeX before, or if it has been a while and you would like a refresher, this is the place to start.


Teachers: Create a group for your class

Overleaf also provides a set of teaching tools. Simply click the button to set up a group on Overleaf for your class. You'll then be able to add students to your group by email address.


Intro Videos

Featured LaTeX Templates

FAQ & Help

What is Overleaf?

Overleaf is an online collaborative writing and publishing tool. It allows you to collaborate online with coauthors and greatly simplifies the process of creating and writing a LaTeX document. Overleaf's custom templates allow authors to submit their papers directly to many journals and repositories via Overleaf, including the arXiv.

How can I sign up for my free Overleaf Pro Account?

If you've already confirmed your GUC email address on Overleaf, you should have automatically been upgraded to Pro. You can check your status in the How to Join section above. If you think you've correctly added your affiliation but haven't been upgraded, please get in touch and we'll look into it for you.

What's a "Pro" account, and what happens when the six-month period is over?

At the end of the free six-months, if German University in Cairo does not wish to continue to provide the institutional account, you may choose to continue as individual Overleaf Pro subscriber (current cost $4/mo for students), or your account will revert to the Overleaf Free plan. Any data or papers saved in Overleaf will continue to be accessible.

For more information about the different Overleaf plans, please see this page, and if you have any questions about this please let us know.

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The image shown at the top of this page is of the German University in Cairo campus. Source: Mina Naguib.