Enhanced Teaching Toolkit now available through our Pro+Teach plan

By John Hammersley
Weekly Homework X template on Overleaf

“All 23 of my students submitted first drafts of their papers with no trouble. Not a single question!”

Professor Peter Timbie, Department of Physics, UW-Madison

We're excited to announce that the Overleaf Teaching Tools are now available as part of the new and improved Pro+Teach license.

The teaching toolkit allows you to quickly and easily create assignments on Overleaf to send out to students; these assignments can then be completed online on Overleaf and submitted back to you with a single click for marking and review.

If you visit your teams dashboard on Overleaf, you'll see a new option to "Create Team" in the top right.

Create team (beta) button on Overleaf

This brings up the option to create two different types of team: a group license, where the team is used to distribute Pro or Pro+ licenses to your colleagues, and a teach team which is used to distribute assignments using the Teaching Toolkit on Pro+

Create team modal open on Overleaf

Once you've signed up for Pro+ (or have it as part of your institutional license) and created your teach team, you can then publish any project as an assignment via a new option in the Share menu, ready to be distributed to your students.

Publish as assignment on Overleaf

To find out more about adding your students to your team, distributing and collecting assignments, and more, please visit this step-by-step guide to using the teaching toolkit on Overleaf. If you're already using the teaching toolkit you can find additional help and FAQs here, or simply get in touch with us if you have any questions.

To start using the teaching toolkit, check if your university has a institutional license (which allows you free access to the teaching tools), or head to our plans page to sign up for an individual Pro+Teach account.

John Hammersley

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