Linux Process Scheduler: An Insight into Optimized Web Services

Christopher Salvador Márquez Álvarez & César Alfredo Espinosa Michel
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Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

The accelerated rate of growth in the amount of web applications returns as a result an increase in the traffic that web servers must handle. This aggregated traffic, in addition to the demand of the clients to be served in a real time frame, leads to the requirement of a customized way to control web related resources. All processes of the web server are tied to the control that the OS scheduler has over them, and for the default settings, the scheduler is set to handle general purpose tasks instead of being optimized forweb serving purposes. To address this issue, the use of custom settings into the scheduler will allow the daemons needed to run a web page (such as Apache, PHP and a SQL DB) to be handled by the OS as efficiently as possible. The results of the test will be the comparison in performance of a web server for different settings on the Linux Scheduler.