What are the maximum compile timeout, file number and project size allowed on the Free plan vs the paid (Pro, Pro+Teach) plans?

Overleaf is free to use, while the Pro and Pro+Teach plans offer higher timeout limits, number of files per project, storage space per project, and number of pages rendered in the preview.

Anonymous Free Pro Pro+Teach
Compile timeout (seconds): 30 60 240 240
Max number of files per project: 40 60 500 1000
Max pages (rendered in the preview): 30 300 1000 1000
Max number of saved versions N/A 300 300 300
Maximum project size (MB) 15 80 500 500

The Pro and Pro+Teach plans also offer other advanced features and controls (e.g. password-protected projects; Full History; Teaching Tookit)—see the plans page for an overview.