WriteLaTeX and BookGenie451 to Partner on new Academic Readership Platform

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London, Sept 25th 2014 - BookGenie451 and WriteLaTeX are delighted to announce a partnership to help bridge the gap between academic authors and their readership.

WriteLaTeX is fast becoming the leading provider of tools for writing scholarly papers in an online collaborative academic world. With over 1.4 million projects created to date by authors in over 180 countries worldwide, WriteLaTeX’s flagship product ‘Overleaf’ makes the power of professional typesetting immediately accessible to scientists and technical writers at all stages of their career.

Bookgenie451 aims to improve research outcomes in US and UK higher education by connecting students with published content ranked by relevance to their assignment and research profile. Students can then access ‘snips’ of content – citations, paragraphs, pages or articles – and buy these direct from the publisher through micropayments. Through this new business model, BookGenie451 can become the iTunes for academic and professional publishing.

As well as referencing commercially published content, BookGenie451 can also index and deliver the growing body of research literature available under open access through publisher’s and institutional repositories. BookGenie451 delivers time and money savings for researchers and gives publishers a new channel for repurposing content.

John Hammersley, Co-Founder and CEO said: “Partnering with BookGenie451 is an exciting opportunity to provide our student and research authors with early access to a unique shop-window for their academic and scientific writing. BookGenie451’s revolutionary “snip” technology for accurately matching readers queries to just the portion of content they need will allow any author to rapidly showcase their work to the global student readership they’re looking to reach.”

Jason Merkoski, CTO and Founder of BookGenie451 said: “We are delighted that WriteLaTeX has chosen to partner with BookGenie451 and our online academic shop-window. We believe that we can provide a unique service to the tens of thousands of students and researchers ensuring that their papers are intelligently served to the widest possible audience of students, researchers and publishers.”

BookGenie451 has partnered with WriteLaTeX to allow the broadest possible distribution of scholarly papers to the more than 30m English speaking higher education students in North America and the UK.


BookGenie451 is a new method of connecting students and researchers with the academic content they require. Through advanced full-text indexing techniques, BookGenie451 is able to intelligently reference and match content to the research profile of the individual, and allow them to purchase and share these ‘snips’ of information with research colleagues and fellow students. Indexing and matching are done using infological semantic concepts allowing us to gain an understanding of the context in which information is being searched for, selected and used. This ‘big data’ will in turn become invaluable to publishers in deciding on new content to be commissioned or in re-presentation of backlist.

The engine was developed by company co-Founder Jason Merkoski, the inventor of the Kindle e-book at and is currently undergoing ‘proof of concept’ at selected UK HEIs.

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